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Shoreline Leisure Centre Greystones &

PureLight Dance & Yoga Studio,Shoreline Leisure Bray,

Co. Wicklow

About Us

A fun and energetic dance class

for both inexperienced and experienced dancers where you learn a group dance choreography

and shoot a class dance video at the end of the term.

The classes are fun & high energy, rich in performance & professionally choreographed. 

Vicky Andreanska

Vicky is a dancer and choreographer based in Greystones and Bray,

Co. Wicklow. Vicky is a founder, dance teacher and choreographer of 'DANCE GREYSTONES'.

She trained as a gymnast from a young age, becoming a champion of Slovakia in 1996.

At the age of 12, she took up dancing and instantly fell in love

with the art of dance.  


Vicky trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern dance and musical theatre. She participated in many high end theatre shows as a part of the dance group and had many stage performances throughout Europe.

Vicky is a qualified PE teacher.  She started teaching her first Zumba® classes in June 2011, initially in between other fitness classes. 

As the classes boomed and Zumba® Fitness took over Ireland, she was absolutely delighted to teach Zumba® and spread

The Zumba® fever all over her area. 

Vicky also runs a number of charity fundraisers for multiple clubs & organizations across Ireland, working on the

dance & performance element of each event.

In 2016 Vicky has set up 'DANCE Greystones' -  a group that would be open to everyone, inexperienced or experienced dancers, or even those who never got a chance to learn to dance, but always wanted to give it a go. No matter what age, what gender or background.


A group of people who share one thing: