Broadway Dance Classes


Our Broadway Dance Classes are musical theatre classes that combine choreography, movement,

song & dance and vocal literature.

Sharpen your dance and acting skills while learning some of Broadway's best musicals.

A fun class for the student who likes to perform. No experience needed.


4 weeks ONLINE courses available.
Booking essential.

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contemporary Dance Classes

Our Contemporary Classes consist of movement exploration while building dance technique,

starting at a beginner/intermediate level.

Develop ability to express yourself through dancing, improve your strength, flexibility and fluidity in your dancing. Teachings are at a pace you will understand and grow within.

No experience needed.

4 weeks ONLINE courses available.
NEW TERM - BENEATH YOUR BEAUTIFUL - starting on Thursday at 6.30pm via ZOOM.
Booking essential.


dance video Classes


Our Dance Video Classes are fun and energetic dance classes for both inexperienced and experienced dancers where you learn a group dance choreography and shoot a class dance video at the end of the 4 weeks term.

No experience needed.

4 Weeks ONLINE Courses available.
NEW TERM - BRIDGERTON - starting Wednesday 27th January.
Limited spaces available - Booking essential.


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