'A little sunshine on a cold winter's day: Dance Greystones in Portugal' - Vicky Andreanska

Ever dreamt of packing your bags and going on a girls trip somewhere hot? That’s exactly what we’ve done this past September. I've always used to travel with my friends and I've always loved those trips but since I became a mom I haven't really gone on a girls holiday for more than 2 nights (which is not a complaint btw as travelling with my little guy is one of my most favourite things to do), but I felt like it is definitely time for a girls trip.

So how did it all happen? About two months before the actual holiday we had a social night out with the girls from Dance Greystones in our local favourite place called Brunels. Long story short we had a good few glasses of vino & I somewhat impulsively said we should organise Dance Greystones trip somewhere hot. I say impulsively, but for the last few months I’ve wanted to do that or I was at least playing with that idea in my head. The reaction to my idea was so positive that I didn't need more and (as I do) the next day I had the whole trip organised from the flights to accommodation and everything else.

Two months flew by and here we were - 15 of the girls from Dance Greystones walking through airport security at Dublin airport heading to Costa Da Caparica near Lisbon in Portugal for our first (but most definitely not the last) dance trip.

We were all so excited for our little adventure and as soon as we all met, for the next 4 days (and nights) there was not one second when we wouldn't laugh, have fun or simply enjoy our time together.

Sometimes when you think of 15 women going away together, you might think there might be an issue popping up here and there...but holy moly it was absolutely AMAZING four days & nights full of pure FUN, belly laughs, dancing, chats, yoga, bonding and making memories for life. We literally enjoyed every second of this trip.

My favourite thing had to be being outside in the garden beside the pool where the music was nonstop playing day and night as we all mingled, drank the tastiest Sangria ever, ate great food and had long heart-to-hearts with everyone.

We also enjoyed some yoga, walks around the town, coffees in the local places, a bit of shopping, the beautiful beaches, swims in the sea & we even got to watch the most beautiful sunset & sunrise from the beach.

We went out to the local seafront restaurants for dinners & enjoyed the food and the amazing atmosphere.

Absolutely wonderful time shared with the bunch of fantastic women. Fond & funny memories to look back upon.

We stayed in the house called 'Mr.Ziggy's Surf House' which was not only located just three minutes walk from the beach and all the shops and restaurants, it also had the most relaxed and chilled vibe - exactly what we all needed. We all stayed together literally 24/7, we shared breakfasts every morning outside in the garden beside the pool, we stayed up late after coming back from the town, we danced, shared funny stories, laughed a lot and it was truly a trip I will always remember. As we all agreed we will be back again and we can't wait! The video below perfectly captures all the fun we had. Roll on 2020, Vicky x

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