'Highlights & Behind The Scenes of the first Dance Greystones Show' - Vicky Andreanska

On Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd November 2019 Dance Greystones hosted their debut live performance on the stage of The Whale Theatre Greystones. Two magical nights full of vibrant entertaining dance routines performed by our wonderful students.

The Dance Greystones Show was an excellent opportunity for families and friends to witness the great work, dedication and fun we all have throughout the year. The majority of the twenty-three dancers performed on the stage with hundreds of people in the audience for the very first time. The rehearsals for the show started in early July, giving the girls five months to rehearse and perfect all the routines. The final week before our shows was definitely packed with emotions running high - a mixture of excitement and nerves for most of the dancers.

For me personally it was a very overwhelming experience in terms of bringing all the girls on this journey with me, witnessing their dedication, their commitment and hard work that they have put into each rehearsal, each class and each dance routine. As you all know Dance Greystones is a dance group that is open to anyone and non of the members are professional dancers. To watch these girls progress every week is just the most heartwarming feeling for me as a teacher /choreographer. I'm not gonna lie I cried a lot that final week. I cried happy tears and I was very emotional when I thought of the long way all these amazing women have come.

As I mentioned above, for majority of the girls from Dance Greystones it was their first time they were performing live on the stage of the theatre. But it was also the very first time for me putting on the show where I was not on the stage performing but I was the one who got to put it all together and showcase our work. When I was a part of the dance group back in Slovakia I used to perform in lots of theatre shows throughout Europe and being in the spotlight doing what I love the most was always absolutely amazing. However this was a completely different and new experience for me too. In a good way of course.

I felt very confident in all the girls, I felt overwhelmed and emotional for them as I knew how much they have worked for this moment and how much it meant to them but most importantly I felt extremely proud. Proud of us all.

I also felt very emotional as I could not stop thinking of my own dance teacher, my mentor and a really close friend Boba Brella who was such a huge part of my life through my teenage years. She was a woman who made me into a dancer, teacher and a choreographer that I am today, she made me fall in love with dance in the first place and also she gave me the confidence to start the 'Dance Greystones' journey.

Boba sadly passed away 4 years ago & I thought there is no better way to honour her memory than dedicate this show to her.

~ Boba, We Dance For You ~

I T 'S S H O W T I M E

I think I'm speaking for every dancer of Dance Greystones and also their friends and families who came to support the girls on the night of the shows when I say they were magical nights full of unforgettable performances, priceless moments of connection, energy, growth and celebration. This year marked a turning point for Dance Greystones with putting on a show with the goal of celebrating the love of dance with one and all. You had a chance to see that woman you pass in the super market, on the school run, walking the sea front, in the pub, cleaning up after her dog or grabbing a take away, a mom, a wife and simply women from all different backgrounds - on stage giving it their all.

The roof off the venue was blown off with the energy from every dancer in the room. The audience was treated to witness the passion and the priceless experience of celebrating it together. And as the event drew to a close for another year, Dance Greystones had not only reaffirmed and solidified the love of dance in everyone in that room, it had left behind a more connected community.

With all the emotions now settled after our shows, I thought it was the high-time to bring you all the highlights and most special moments from The Dance Greystones Show 2019 to help tide you over until this magic returns in 2020!

See below for the behind the scenes video running up to the show nights and click through to our show gallery for more photos from Greystones most incredible weekend of dance.

Thank you once again for all your support, it's very much appreciated.

Vicky & The Dance Fam x

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