'Reflecting on 2019 & plans for our DANCE YEAR 2020' - Vicky Andreanska

WOW, Happy 2020!!!

The last few months of 2019 were jam packed with teaching classes, show rehearsals, performances, Christmas preparations and lots of different events, as well as much needed family time in Slovakia.

It’s been a while - but with taking this little break, I can’t help but feel like I have so much more to share. I only blinked and 2020 was here. Then I blinked again and here we are - at the end of January. Time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it?

Reflecting on 2019, I feel it was a very successful year both personally and work wise. The older I am the more I realise what I consider the most important things in life and what I’m thankful for. There is nothing more important for me than having a healthy & happy family and I feel so lucky for that.

Having friends who I can share the highs and the lows with, who I can laugh, cry and do silly things with is also something I really treasure.

And of course Dance Greystones - having a job that does not feel like a job is something I don’t take for granted and it’s very special to me. I get to do something that I absolutely love and cherry on top is that I get to share it with a group of absolutely amazing people.

I’m very grateful for that.

I don’t want to sound like my 2019 was completely perfect, of course I had some lows when my anxiety creeped in and made me feel miserable, but I also feel like this year I have learned the ways of managing it (most of the time) but most importantly recognising the triggers which really helps.

As I mentioned above I got to spend Christmas with my family in Slovakia and it was so nice. After couple of years we finally managed to fly home and spend Christmas together in Kosice this year.

We also go snowboarding to the mountains every winter since Nico was 2 years old and it became our little tradition. Travelling is probably my favourite thing ever and even though some people might have different opinions, for me the quote "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer" is so true. It is definitely something I don't mind to spend money on and even though my mom thinks I’m crazy and I should rather save, I can’t help but feel experiencing different things, different adventures, making new memories while we travel is completely priceless! I’ve always been like this and to be honest the older I get the stronger I feel about it.

Work wise 2019 was definitely the highlight of my carrier as a dance teacher & choreographer. Dance Greystones grew not just in size but also from the dance point of view. We took on a challenge to perform on the stage of Whale Theatre in front of sold out audiences for the first time. It was certainly a journey that non of us will ever forget. We shared moments of joy, laughs, tears, frustration, happiness and we got to bond on a completely new level.

Another highlight was definitely our first dance trip to Portugal and I’m very excited to see what 2020 has in store for us…

Generally speaking I don’t set any New Year resolutions for myself, but I do like to plan and set goals that I would like to achieve in the upcoming year. It helps me stay motivated & focused.

What plans & goals do I have for Dance Greystones in 2020?

* Dance Show - 'DANCE eMotion by Dance Greystones 2020'.

After successful shows in 2019 I would like to put on another Dance Show. The goal is to make it even bigger & better.

* Adding more Dance Classes with different options - including dance technique classes as well as performance classes.

* More Dance Trips (London, Portugal & hopefully New York)

* Guest Performances at different events

* Dance Workshops (with guest teachers)

...and a few more that I can't talk about just yet...

It's now almost the end of January and I can safely say we kicked off our dance year 2020 big time!

We launched NEW dance classes at Dance Greystones - Contemporary Classes & Broadway Classes along with our original Dance Video Classes. We welcomed new movers to our dance family and a new guest teacher to our Broadway Classes team - the very talented Clodagh.

In 2016 we started with only one class per week, that eventually grew into two classes and now into four classes per week. It might sound like a lot, considering Dance Greystones is a group of non-professional dancers, but I do believe in the importance of having a regular exercise (just like people go to the gym 3-5 times a week why wouldn't you dance 3-5 times a week too?). Aside from all physical and mental benefits, having the option of taking different dance classes also allows everyone to grow as dancers technically. I noticed a big difference when we went from one class to two, then to three-four when we were rehearsing for the show. Each time I added a class, I could see mind/body connection improved and I witnessed everyone found it easier to remember combinations, incorporate corrections and generally improved their performance. I always say consistency is the key & that is the only way to get better at everything.

If you love and enjoy dancing & you would like to take classes but you're unsure which ones to take, don't hesitate to ask the recommendations that the teacher has for you. The teacher knows you best, so you can take that advice to heart.

* Be sure you have technique classes first as your foundation. It makes everything much easier once you master that.

* Include classes that you truly love and feel great in.

* Finally, consider a class that is in a style you haven’t tried or might be outside of your comfort zone. It's always a great feeling when you challenge yourself a little.

If you can take them all, even better!

But always make sure you balance your schedule so you have enough time for friends and family. We want you to come to the dance classes to enjoy yourself and feel good about being there :)

Let's do it!

Here's to a happy, healthy & successful 2020!

Vicky x

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